Planning a holiday, with toddlers!

Not long till we take our first family trip abroad and the panic has set in.

With hardly any summer clothes we’ve needed to pretty much start afresh for all of us, meaning money. One thing I’ve been doing is using any vouchers or discount codes that I can find as it can be very expensive for a family of four!

So far this holiday has not only cost us our flights and accommodation but also 3 new passports and suitcases with clothes. It’s no wonder that not many families can afford to take a trip abroad on a regular basis. I think for us we will be lucky if we could afford a trip every other year, saying that this is our first trip abroad since 2005!

I have so far managed to kit out the family pretty cheaply so far but if you’re in need of some new clothes check out Boden as they have a 15% off from the 23rd to 27th January plus free delivery and returns, so you can try them all out.

The most exciting thing about this holiday though is Kayleigh and Ethan have absolutely no idea we are going and that is the way it is staying until the day! We are planning on getting up that morning and telling them we are taking a trip to the airport to watch the planes take off (one benefit to living 5 minutes from the airport!) and then when we get there we will tell them they are going on one.

They are going to be super excited as its their first trip on a plane and they are always asking if they can go on one, only this time the answer is going to be yes!

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