How to Guarantee the Delivery of Your Christmas Parcels

I’m sure you’ll agree that the thought of Christmas is upon us before we’ve even had time to get over the last lot of festivities.

Before we know it, we’re up to our eyeballs in wrapping paper, trying to stop the kids from pulling the tree down, and making a mess of our Christmas baking.

Ah, the joys!

However, this year, I want to try and stick to my usual mantra of ‘I will be organised’ by making sure my Christmas parcels are delivered on time and well before the big event.

If you’re the same, here are some great bits of advice I’ll be adhering to:

Get Your Timing Right

It’s important to get the timing of your parcels spot on, especially if you’re sending gifts abroad. It goes without saying that December is an incredibly busy time for all couriers, which often means delays, so don’t leave things until the last minute if possible.

The sooner you can send your parcels the better – but you do need to check it’s convenient with the recipient, too. Nothing’s worse than finding out your parcel’s on its way back to you because there was no one there to sign for it.

A lot of companies also offer in-depth parcel tracking so you know exactly where your parcel is at any given time. This is great for sharing with your recipient (unless the gift’s a surprise) as it allows them to plan the delivery as well. Plus it gives you peace of mind that the gift’s got there safely.

Another handy thing is to check the courier’s last shipping and delivery dates. While you don’t want to leave it until those final days, at least you’ll know exactly when the cut off is.

Consider the Size of Your Parcel

While posting a gift card or two doesn’t generally pose any problems, shipping larger items can be a little trickier.

So if you are planning on sending something quite big, whether in weight or size, check the courier accepts this type of parcel beforehand.

Some will have restrictions on how large the item can be, i.e. no longer than 140cm. And the weight restrictions tend to go up to about 20-30kg. Those over these restrictions may need putting on a pallet which can become quite expensive. Equally, there are some items that couriers cannot carry, especially if the item is going by air.

Finally, be sure to package your item well, making sure it’s properly protected and isn’t going to move around too much during transit.

Armed with all these tips, you should be doing Santa a huge favour this year!

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