Why a Winter Cruise is a Great Idea This Year

While going a cruise during those cooler winter months, especially if you’re heading somewhere like the Med, doesn’t seem like the brightest idea, there are some huge benefits to doing this.

First, a number of companies, like Bolsover Cruise Club, offer fantastic late deals for a variety of destinations. And any holiday that saves you money sounds like a great idea to me!

Plus, there are a number of other benefits, including:

Beating the Crowds

A huge attraction for travelling out of season, especially to the Mediterranean, is that you’ll beat the crowds. Equally, during those summer months (July and August), many people will flock to tourist destinations in their hundreds of thousands, especially when large cruise ships are docking there every few days or so.

From queuing for hours on end to having to wait ages for a table at a restaurant, all of this can be highly frustrating, particularly when you’ve got kids.

Heading to these places out of season gets rid of most of this stress and makes the holiday feel so much more relaxing and personal. Not only can you explore these places at your leisure but you’ll receive better attention from the staff in restaurants/at attractions because they’re far keener for your business.

Saving Money

As I’ve already mentioned, off-peak travel can save you LOTS of money. A lot of companies will slash their prices dramatically to try and drum up trade, allowing you to get the exact same holiday but for less than half the price.

Plus, when you’re exploring the stop-off points, you’ll probably find that entrance fees etc. are cheaper too – and many market stalls will be up for some bargaining.

Enjoying Christmas Markets

Talking of markets, many key cities around the world host Christmas markets during the latter stages of November, right through December. During this time, these cities come to life and evoke a truly magical atmosphere that you and the kids will love.

Feeling Like Royalty

Finally, there’s the fact that the ships you’re likely to be travelling on aren’t going to be at full capacity. Boasting far more tranquillity on-board, you’ll get a more personable experience from the staff and will feel more at ease when you’re relaxing and unwinding during your days at sea. Plus, the kids will be able to join in with whatever activities they want to without the worry that they’re fully booked.

All in all, then, travelling along any ocean during winter months certainly seems to have an appeal, especially for families looking to explore places together.

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