How to Make a Kitchen Space in Your Office an Entertainment Hub

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Even the most dedicated and hardworking of offices need to unwind here and there. Typically, the breaks of your employees will take place in a built for purpose break room; a seated area where storage for snacks, lunch boxes and drinks can be found. Moreover, useful equipment from JLA might also be found in there, as kitchen spaces can be productive areas too.

However, while this environment helps workers relax, relaxation is not always what you want. After all, if they get too comfortable this could disrupt their work flow and usher in the typical afternoon slump all workplaces suffer. Consequently, you need to ensure that the area is as stimulating as possible and there’s only one way to do this; transforming the office kitchen space into an entertainment hub.

Consequently, here’s how to do just that!

Decoration Revamp

For a space to be considered entertaining, it firstly needs to look ‘trendy’. After all, few people will find entertainment in dull, dank, or dark spaces. Try to really scrub out any trace of the corporate world in the break room, and all workers will feel more at liberty to relax. This message should hit them as soon as they walk through the door.

Therefore, perhaps consider incorporating some bright, bold red or blue wall paints, elegant and nuanced artwork, or fun filled pictures from corporate events. This will communicate to those in the space that good times can be had there, and they’ll believe it just by the decorative choices you’ve gone for.

Television Area

While you might have a small television in your kitchen already, you might not be getting high levels of usage out of it now. If it’s a tiny little box sitting in the corner of the room with no chairs around it, also coming with limited volume and channels, then no, your television area won’t be very popular. Therefore, a bit of an overhaul would be required here to spruce up the space.

Invest in a larger 4K television, two or three black leather sofas, and perhaps even a few game consoles or DVDs to really flesh out the area. This means you’ll be creating a little communal area with the news, film or a video game plugging away at the same time. In the end, this will help people enjoy their breaks and interact with one another. After that, it can then keep their brains in gear, being actively engaged and working away instead of winding down until home time.

Darts Board

Good times in front of a television are always memorable, but some banter and rivalry never went amiss either. You could use your company breaks to really inspire some friendly competition amongst your workers and strike up a darts competition come lunch time. After all, all employees can chat as they queue up for their turn, and really focus once they pick up the darts to snag a good score.

If you pick up a darts board, you can place it in the kitchen space against a wall away from all the counters and televisions. It’ll take up minimal wall space, and at the same time build a culture in the workplace where employees have something to talk about other than performance and weekend plans. Who knows, it may even stamp out gossip too! It’ll keep the work momentum going, but also add a layer of fun to the office.

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