How to Nail an Interview When Looking for Work Abroad

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Even the most steadfast of professionals get wobbly knees when it comes to working abroad. New places, new people, new cultures, new food, new architecture… you get the point. The emphasis on newness is a tough one to shake off, but others have managed it and assimilate into a completely different lifestyle when working abroad. Now, you can too!

That said, you should try to think less about this stuff when interviewing for a job abroad. At the end of the day, a job’s a job.

Consequently, here’s how to fly through the interview when looking for a job abroad.

Learn About the Place

Okay, so you will need to think somewhat about the ‘abroad factor’ during your interview. Chances are, your interviewer will ask you questions like; why have you come to this country? What are you looking for here? Have you moved to other countries before? Well, these are big questions, and it’s worth your time preparing answers before you attend your interview.

If they have a different native language, at least learn fragments of it. Show loose awareness of the political climate if its relevant (especially if you’re applying for jobs in economics or social media), or landmarks in the nearby area if the job is in a city so that you have your bearings down. Essentially, demonstrate that you can fit in well there. Be keen to demonstrate that you can adapt to change and actively pursuit it, and that confidence and preparedness will be just what the interviewer is looking for.

The Usual Tips

As has previously been mentioned, a job is a job. While the newness factor might be overwhelming at times, really try to let all those complicated feelings pass. All employers ask the same questions; why this company? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Name a time you undertook some problem solving. They’re all classic questions, and they won’t disappear just because you’re in new territory.

Therefore, you should employ all the usual tricks to your advantage. Research the dress code so that your attire is appropriate for the occasion, look as if you’re enjoying the process, sit up straight and be attentive, and provide samples or examples of your work. More than anything else, people do just want to work with normal and friendly human beings and rarely ever workaholic robots, so treat the interview like it’s any other appropriate. After all, you’ll be surprised how quickly your ‘mysterious foreigner’ appeal vanishes when your skills start being discussed.

Cheaper Flights

If the job your interviewing for is important enough, you may be required to fly back and forth between nations. Granted, it’s incredibly exciting, but if you venture out there enough times you may find that your bank balance takes a pretty big hit at the end of it all. While you may have the skills to bag the job, you may not have the funds to get you to each stage of the interviewing process.

However, if you’re smart with your travelling, there’s a savvy workaround here. For example, you can take advantage of the empty legs flight schemes from VistaJet, one way trips on luxury aircraft. These are the return flights private jets make so that they can refuel, offering passengers discounted fare for the trip. Keep your eyes peeled for these offers, and you’ll make every interview with money to spare.

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