I gave birth to a monkey…

Ok technically that’s a lie and impossible…. But she has monkey traits!

Last week Kayleigh attended her first ever gymnastics class and loved every second of it. She asked to attend after watching the London 2012 Olympics and there was a long waiting list so we took our place when it was given.

We were given the chance to try a class last weekend before she signed up and I was unsure at how she would react as she can be shy until she warms to people. However straight away she went off on her own to join in with the other children.

Kayleigh is very flexible, some even call her double jointed so I knew she would be well suited gymnastics.

After their little practice routines they had the chance to go on mini gym equipment such as a mini beam, trampoline and the bars.

She made a beeline for the trampoline but the whole time she was watching the little girls on the beams. I know how her mind works and I could tell she wanted to give it a go but she wasn’t too sure.

Over she went eventually and had a go. Being lifted onto the bar she was given a little push and swung for a little while before jumping down and rejoining the queue.

Whilst waiting she was watching the slightly older girls trying to put their feet on the bars to swing and her eyes lit up.

On her next turn she asked not to be pushed and once she was on the bar in one foul swoop she lifted both legs up to the bar keeping them virtually straight until they were up and then just hung there, upside down whilst everyone just looked in amazement. She got down and then did it all again.

She has the most amazing upper body strength, far better than I ever had but more than that, she’s found a passion for it. After her class she couldn’t help but talk about it, she even spoke to the receptionists about how she wanted to come back and go back on the bars.

All I could do was beam and feel a little tearful because my baby was becoming a little girl and she was starting to build her own memories and hobbies. How long gymnastics last I don’t know but whilst she is loving it, it’s become our Saturday morning ritual.

Who knows, maybe she’ll be in the Olympics one day after all it inspired her to try it.

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