Mummy Vs Work Charity of the Year 2013

The last few days have been really tough as we tried to narrow our shortlist of 3 charities down to the final one.

On our shortlist was :

  • Lisa’s Stars
  • Fundraising for Findlay
  • Upon Butterfly Wings

I’m sure you will agree they are all deserving charities that do an amazing job for their cause, which made it so much tougher.

I’ve been going back and forth trying to work out not only who I could try to help out financially but also be able to give them that little extra boost with getting the charity promoted a little more, hopefully leading to more help with fundraising and so forth.

What I found so hard as they all were equalling deserving and it feels awful to let 2 down!

So, in the end, I’ve come to my decision, I’m just sorry it can’t be all 3 (However watch this space as the other 2 will have a post coming up on the blog!)

Our Charity of the Year 2013 is :

Fundraising for Findlay

In the end, my decision came down to 2 key points:

  1. I felt that they were the charity out of the 3 that needed the most awareness of their cause. I know that both Lisa’s Stars and Upon Butterfly Wings have an amazing support network behind them, the teams are amazing as are their followers – that was evident in the polls. I felt the exposure that we could give Fundraising For Findlay would be the most beneficial.
  2. This was probably the hardest part for me as a mummy to try to get my head around and it really struck me. Findlay is the same age as Kayleigh yet their lives are a world apart, not in terms of love or family but their quality of life. Today we were able to take Kayleigh and Ethan to the park so they could run and be free and enjoy the fresh air and nature. Findlay and Iona are unable to do those things, they are severally restricted at the moment whilst they try to raise much-needed funds for a new self-propelled wheelchair for Findlay and Iona’s outdoor postural chair. I want to be able to give them both the chance to enjoy their life a little more.

So there you have it, I feel a little emotional whilst I try to explain why we chose them and I hope you can understand that although all 3 were deserving we had to choose 1.

But before you leave this page please show some support for all 3 charities on their pages & fundraising pages they have listed below. Also, Fundraising for Findlay have wrist bands you can purchase for just £2.50, so if you can only give a little why not support them with a band whilst raising awareness when wearing it, find out more about that here!

Fundraising for Findlay

Lisa’s Stars

Upon Butterfly Wings

Also a huge thank you to everyone for their kind words on this whole concept. After the tough 2012 I really hope we can achieve all that I know we can do and the only way we can do that is with the support of our followers, so a huge thank you to you all!


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