Introducing Smiggle’s Squishies Series 2

Smiggle is a big thing in this house and it is hands down Kayleigh’s favourite shop.

She loves the fact it is sparkly, bright and fun. So when we took delivery of their new Squishies series 2 range she couldn’t wait to see what it had inside!

This new collection has added 8 new collectable characters to the gange and all of them are unique to Smiggle.

Introducing Smiggle's Squishies Series 2

If like us you have never seen the Squishies then let me quickly introduce you. They are cute little characters that are made from soft foam which is slowly rising allowing you to squeeze and squash them. They remind me of the same materials that are used in stress relievers, these also come with a different scent each too.

Introducing Smiggle's Squishies Series 2

In series 2 there are lots to choose from however the kids received Soda Pup, Tacosaurus and Porcupinapple.

These are very much what I would put in the pocket money toy range now and as there is 8 to collect I can see them being popular with lots of kids. Each one costs £9 and the kids have already asked if they can use some of their savings to buy themselves one more each.

Introducing Smiggle's Squishies Series 2

To celebrate the launch of the new range of Squishes, Smiggle has launched a new competition for fans to win an entire Squishies collection. To win all you need to do is take you Squishie on an adventure and share a snap of it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Letting Smiggle know which country your Squishie is in.

The most important bit of this competition is you need to take them in @Smiggle_UK and use the hashtag #SmiggleSquishies for it to be entered.

Good luck if you do decide to enter!

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