Our week in one picture – 30/09/18

Our week in one picture – 30/09/18

This week I was going to try harder to take a few more pictures as over the last few weeks I have hardly taken any.

However, it didn’t happen.

Instead, I took a bit of a blogging break and took time out. There was no real reason to it other than I just needed to step back for a while and recharge before going again. It was all about taking a slower approach to life for a while rather than pushing myself to the limit.

Sometimes I don’t think people realise what goes into blogging and just how much time it can take up. Over the last few months, I have been up before 6 to start on the blog before I head to work. Then I have been blogging in the evening sometimes up until 11ish. That is a long old day around work too which has been a bit hectic.

So I changed the alarm time, let myself sleep in that extra 30-60 minutes in the morning and stopped worrying about stats and what is expected.

Other than I have a cold now though, I am ready to get this blog in full-blown Christmas mode!

Here is the one picture I did capture this week.

Our week in one picture - 30th September 2018


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