Investing in You: 3 Things to Remove to Feel Freer

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It seems that in life we are always looking for the next thing. And the reality might very well be that you are in competition with yourself. But when we load our lives full of things that are just window dressing, we need to get back to the basics. If you want to feel freedom or help your lives feel more fulfilled, it may not be about adding things, but removing them. Let’s help you get peace of mind.

Financial Weights

Debt is such an overriding presence in many people’s lives that it colours their whole outlook. But there are resources that you can take advantage of. A practice like the Debt to Success System (DTSS) may seem like a flight of fancy, but yes DTSS is legit, where you have someone guide you through every step of ridding your life of these components that weigh you down. But it’s not just about debt, it’s about looking at your own spending habits. We can all feel that temptation to keep up with the Joneses or we need “things” in order to feel fulfilled. These components are not relevant to our lives.

Physical Items

Going back to the idea of “things,” if you have too many items in your life, they can overwhelm you and soon, everybody begins to think that they need certain items in order to feel happy. Now, we’re not saying you need to live out of a cardboard box, but when you place so much importance on worldly possessions and material goods, it’s these things that we pass to our children unconsciously. When our children constantly ask for things for Christmas that we know they will not care about or even remember six months down the line, it isn’t just a waste of money, but it’s a waste of energy. Trying to find these things that provide our children with a fleeting sense of happiness is not necessarily the way forward. But if we can turn the act of gift buying into something that can help in which our lives, such as buying experiences, this will help us to nurture our own sense of curiosity. In addition, it is teaching our children the true value of gift-giving.

Unnecessary Thought Patterns

It feels easier to berate ourselves sometimes rather than to give ourselves a pat on the back. If we want to feel happier, we have to take control of the one person that we can truly change 100%. When we think about who we are in terms of our actions, it can highlight certain thought processes that aren’t healthy. After a while, negative thoughts can be compounded and they become self-fulfilling prophecies. And when we start to think about the reasons why we should change our thought patterns, if we aren’t reason enough, we have to think that our children are. Again, our children will get conscious and subconscious cues from us on how to act. But if we continue to beat ourselves up verbally, this is what they will consider to be normal. We know deep down, this is not healthy. But no matter your age, you can change. You can start to become more aware of times you make negative comments or you can undergo CBT.

It’s not easy, but it’s all about the investments upfront to help you you feel better in every aspect of your life.

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