Music, more than just a song #MemoriesInMusic

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Music is more than just a song. For many of us, when you hear a song it brings a memory to us. This may be a memory that takes you back to a point in time or it may even spark an emotion of an event, sometimes happy or sad. Sometimes though, a song will just spark a moment that you remember in your life. With it being a tough year Chums have put together this post to bring together some of their favourite music memories, they want to spark those memories to bring happier times to many of us.

For me, the one song that really sparks emotion is I’m Your Angel – Celine Dion duet w/ R. Kelly. This is Daddy Vs Work and my special song, one we have had for so long but also our first dance at our wedding. Even now it stirs those memories of our life together so far and everything that has happened in the 19 years together!

I asked some of my blogging friends to share music that sparks memories for them, I love how much music can evoke memories for everyone.

Savvy in Somerset My husband and I are big George Ezra fans and we had one of his songs as our first dance at our wedding. His second album came out not long before our daughter was born and the song ‘Hold My Girl’ always reminds of those first few snuggly newborn weeks with her. – My late dads favourite song was Rocket Man by Elton John. It brings me to tears every time I hear it on the radio. Dad was a huge Elton fan and he was always singing his songs around the house and out in his shed.

Blossom Education – Music has always been a massive part of my life. Growing up, we used to listen to AC/DC while eating a Sunday roast, so hearing Highway to Hell etc takes me back to being a little child. Happy days! When my eldest was still inside me, I used to play AC/DC to her and she would kick lots. I was imagining her playing air guitar. Perhaps she was really just wanting the loud music to stop!

Love Panda – Say You Won’t Let Go- James Arthur. Reminds me of my late dad 😢 and can still make me cry when I hear it

The Sporting.Blog – Football, ‘It’s coming home’ – The song was intrinsic to an amazing summer in the UK and a wonderful tournament.

Rice Cakes and Raisins I gave birth to Disco 2000 by Pulp. It will always make me think of that happy, wonderful and crazy experience.

Our Transitional Life For me, it would be Sex Is On Fire by Kings of Leon because it was the first song I heard after a rough labour for our first child, and my sex was definitely on fire

Maidenhead MumI will always remember sitting on the bus to go and get my exam results feeling nervous and D.Ream Things can only get better came on my radio (on my Walkman, I’m that old!) It totally uplifted me and is always thrilling to hear, even now!

Children of WanderlustI spend the season working on Kavos. This was a really spontaneous and adventurous thing as I enjoyed it so decided to stay after going on a girls holiday. I was still quite young and my friends thought I was crazy. Groovjet- spiller Sophie Ellis Bextor was playing all the time. When I hear it to takes me back to that season.

Music, more than just a song #MemoriesInMusic

One thing that is clear from all these comments is how much music can impact your life, there are so many memories shared that take people back to a point in their life and just by hearing that song you can remember that moment in time. I’m sure even some of the songs above will remind you of times in your life, I know It’s Coming Home reminds me of football memories and hopes that got dashed, thanks to England football team for that!

What song provokes a memory for you?

Music, more than just a song #MemoriesInMusic

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