Is it ever too late to change career?

When you are little you have ambitions to have so many different career’s from a vet to a shop worker to a lawyer.  Then you head into highschool and are told you need to make a decision before heading into college/sixth form so you can get the correct qualifications.

But how many people truly know what career they want to do when they are a teenager?

I know lots of people are growing up knowing what they want to do but what about those that don’t? I fell into accountancy by accident when I was off poorly and had to make a decision on what college course to do, however I can’t say it is really something I enjoy getting up to do.

It’s not something I love doing in the slightest however I am grateful that it has helped pay towards our family home and monthly outgoing but I still have this overwhelming feeling deep down that I can’t be doing this till I’m retiring in 38 years (unless the government moves it again!).

I need to find that something that I love doing and enjoy doing on a day-to-day basis. Something that I am passionate about and get up in the morning looking forward to doing it.

Daddy Vs Work and I have had lots of chats in the past about what we could do with our career’s and what we would really love to do. unfortunately it all comes down to the same thing money.

Whatever we would like to do we have to either take a pay cut or invest financially some where so it’s not a decision we are able to take lightly however it is one that is becoming more and more of an option as well look at what there is for us to do.

Here’s to hoping in the next 12-18 months this is about working for ourselves in a career that we both love.

Do you think that it’s ever too late to change career?

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