Ordinary Moments – 28/07/15 – Farm days and British weather

One thing you can always guarantee is you can’t trust the weather here in the UK, especially when you plan a trip out with the kids and there is no cover!

With us both working during the week, the weekend is the only time we get to do anything as a family, so I try to plan something fun if I can every other weekend. Nothing really expensive but maybe a picnic in the park or a trip bowling.

This weekend we decided to take a trip to a local pick your own farm,  I was hoping we would be able to pick strawberries but we were a little too late however it was huge with a great selection of items there to pick.

However the weather decided it wasn’t going to play nicely! Instead of showers it was downpours for the whole 2 hours we were there. Though we carried on leaving us all soaked through with squelchy feet!

After a sneaky maccy d’s on the way home as we stepped through the door Ethan declared it as the most awesome day ever.

See to kids they love technology and all things shiny and sweet however they have this most amazing sense of adventure. They don’t see things like we do as an adult.

All I could think about was the mud in our car, all the kids cared about was how many raspberries they could pick and put in their basket.  Yes we was all soaked and a little chilly but it was great watching the kids being able to pick the fruit and vegetables for themselves and let them learn about how things grow and what they look like before we buy them from the shop.

I think we all could do with taking a child’s perspective on life sometimes. Yes we need to pay bills and be adults but sometimes we need to look out of the box a little and embrace what is around us a little more. There is more to life than just work and bills there is a whole world out there with so many adventures to be had.

We just had this most amazing sense of the great outdoors along with the Great British weather!

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