Is there such a thing as “too old to be a gamer”?

Is there such a thing as “too old to be a gamer”?

Gaming is everywhere these days, it is hard to avoid it really.

From adverts to YouTube and other streaming services such as Twitch, it is everywhere you look. Some people love it whilst others think it is the reason for a lot of societies problems, whatever your opinion, there will always be someone with a different opinion. We allow the kids to play games on various platforms, there are boundaries and rules which they follow however we trust that they will stick to these and they are allowed to play.

However can you ever be too old to be a gamer?

I am a gamer and have been for a long time, as I’ve got older that has not changed. It is a hobby for me and something that I do to unwind after a stressful day. I wouldn’t one day wake up and go “Oh I’m 34 this year I should stop playing computer games”.

With lots of gamers though it is more than just the game itself, lots of games are now extremely sociable. Whether that be the game itself, the community that follows that game in various online forums or from places such as Twitch. There is lots of interaction that comes with the games, over the years Daddy Vs Work and I have got to know lots of people online.

Of course, as with any community, you do occasionally find the odd bad egg that just wants to cause trouble or just likes to wind people up, however, most of the time it is fine.

Time for a new challenge

This year I have challenged myself to push outside my comfort zone a little and start streaming my games online. I have already set myself up with a Twitch account and plan to get a webcam and microphone soon to be able to interact a bit more on the stream. As it is though I am at least able to stream content as I go.

I am a bit nervous, I hate to have my picture taken and listening back to my own voice is even worse. However, I am just going to be myself and enjoy playing the games! Then hopefully a few more followers will come along and interact a bit more and enjoy the content. To be fair it is likely to be mainly me dying in various games, most likely through my own fault of falling to my death or blowing myself up. However, it is all about having fun right?

If you would like to come to check out my Twitch channel and maybe even give me a like, you can find me here you can also check out my favourite clip, which I pull off a move that is never, ever, going to happen again here, however it is recorded for proof that it did happen!

If you are into gaming I would be interested to hear your thoughts below on whether you can be too old for gaming.

Is there such a thing as

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