Our week in one picture – 20/01/19

Our week in one picture – 20/01/19

Again this week I have not really taken many pictures, it has just been another week that has flown by.

One good thing to come out from the week though is the days are getting lighter. There is nothing worse than going to and from work when it is dark, you just feel like you don’t really get to see any daylight as you are working throughout. We haven’t really had a chance to take advantage of the light though as most days we are rushing to or from school and by the time the weekend arrives, we are all to shattered to do anything.

At least we do know that the spring is on the way and with it the lighter mornings and evenings. I can’t wait to have another summer holiday at home with the kids and just enjoy some time off, I feel very fortunate to have a term time only role that is not far from home.

Our week in one picture - 20/01/19

This is just one picture I took this week. Every week I plan to share a picture from the week, of course, some weeks may be more interesting than others. However, each picture will tell a story.

It will be something that we will be able to come back and look through, a bit like a scrapbook, only online. You can view previous weeks here.

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