It’ll Be Fine – What and What Not to Wear on a Wedding Day

You’ve chosen the venue, picked the dress, bought the cake and hired the cars. With just a few months to go it’s time to start choosing the accessories to go with your wedding attire. From cuff links to confetti, everything must be as perfect as possible on your special day. 

Pearls of wisdom 

 There are two superstitions around wearing pearls on your wedding day, the more traditional of the two being that they represent the future tears of the bride and should not be worn. However, some cultures believe pearls should be worn on the day of the wedding, to symbolise taking the place of her real tears, as she won’t need to cry during what will be an already happy marriage. 

One loose stitch

It has been said that women shouldn’t try on their whole wedding outfit (including accessories) at the same time. It’s for this reason that women’s often choose not try on their dress alongside their shoes, veil and jewellery etc. on all at the same time. Many years ago, women would have one stitch undone when their dress was tailored, which meant they could try everything on together, and then on the day of their wedding it would be sewn. 

Don’t drop the ring

The best man holds a lot of responsibility when it comes to the future happiness of his best friend and his wife-to-be, or so they say! Dropping the ring signifies not just a marriage full of bad luck, but if folklore is to be believed, he who drops it will also be the first to die! If the ring does fall the groom should be the first to put it back on, to ward off the threatened. 

 Your best man 

It’s common for the groom to buy a gift for his best man to thank him for all his duties over the period of your engagement. Why not buy him a gift he will have forever like cuff links or a watch to wear on the day? There are so many classic men’s watches to choose from and it’s important to keep track of time on such special occasions. Both digital and classic watches will look good with any morning suit, top hat and tails or a full kilt outfit.

Why not surprise your bride-to-be with a small gift to open on the morning of the wedding, before she meets you at the altar? A necklace or bracelet may not be a good idea, since she’ll have her accessories all planned out. But why not send a bouquet of flowers with a romantic message. Alternatively, you could write her a poem or letter to be delivered on the morning of the wedding as she gets ready. It will sweep her off her feet. 

Image by Larry1732, used under Creative Commons licence 

Rachel McGarry is an events planner and especially enjoys organising wedding receptions. She has helped many couples to have the perfect wedding.

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