Wedding countdown, the last 4 weeks!

Tomorrow is 4 weeks till the day of our wedding, which means 4 weeks today I will be running around pancking and trying to make sure all the bits we need are packed and ready to head to our venue.

The 4 of us are staying at the venue the night before as it worked outĀ cheaper and much less stress than trying to get to the venue on the day. Kayleigh and I have a gorgeous suite to stay in and Ethan is staying with Daddy Vs Work before joining us just before the wedding.

We are pretty much now all organised.


The final venue meeting has been done and all the choices and final numbers have been handed over, this probably has been the most difficult part as we still have not had RSVP’s from some people one way or another so we’ve had to put our numbers slightly higher to allow for these people possibly turning up.

95% of the bits are paid for too so thatĀ ‘s one less stress as we go into next month, just need to pay our venue decorator and the dress alterations now.

So what is left to do?

Just the final touches!

I’ve got my dress fitting in 2 weeks time and we’ve all got our hair cuts & treatments booked for the week before the wedding.

We need to get all our sweet buffet bits and centrepieces cleaned and ready to use and once that’s done we just need to take pictures for the venue to use as reference as to what we would like it to look like on our day.

Other than that it is pretty much all organised which is good!

We visited the venue last week and it was a little magical, spring is blooming there and they have been working on the outdoors giving it a little make up with a fresh lick of paint, plus the flowers in the beds have started to bloom giving it a gorgeous look.

The next time we visit will be for the day itself!

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