It’s Time To Spring Clean The Exterior Of Your Home

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The world may still be settling in with COVID-19, but Spring has indeed come around again, and that means that it’s time to spring clean and get the house out of its musty winter funk. Almost every single article that you look for about cleaning in the spring will talk you through cleaning the rugs and getting the spring decor out to replace it with the winter stuff. This one is going to talk to you about the exterior of the home, instead.

The long cold winters have a little more of an impact on the outside of a house. While you’re inside trying to keep warm, your thatch roof and guttering are taking a beating! Spring is the time to get your home updated once again on the outside, from the thatch roof maintenance you need to look into, to the clean gutters and pressure washing all of the leftover leaf guck off the decking. So, we’ve put together some of the best tips for an external spring clean you need to get your home ready for a little sunshine.

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  • Get cleaning. A pressure washer will be the tool you need to clean the outside of your home, but you need to be aware of the potential damage that the pressure washer can have on the wood. The good thing about pressure washers is that you can adjust the pressure as you need, so add a little detergent to the reservoir and loosen the stubborn dirt quickly! Use the correct cleaner for the pressure washer and not a random detergent, though! If you find mold or mildew, use the right cleaners for that, too. You want this to clean up nicely without any damage!
  • Driveway repairs. If you have a gravel driveway, you can get the gravel put back down and rake over it to spread it out properly. Driveways may be constantly used, but they still feel the impact of wind, rain and snow. So, keep on top of the maintenance and de-weed around the edges. You can stop the random greenery from growing through the cracks and encroaching on the driveway with the best weed killers around. It doesn’t take much to restore the driveway but if yours is looking a little battered, get an expert on board to help!
  • Clean the deck. Whether you only have a garden deck or you have a wraparound deck, you need to get it cleaned down. If it’s wood, you may not want to pressure wash it in case of damage, but a hot bucket of soapy water and a strong brush with bristles will make quick work of cleaning it all down in no time at all. Wood decks can take a lot from the elements, and they do need a good clean a few times a year. Rinse off the cleaners you use and give it some time to dry in the sunshine.
  • Clean the windows. Windows can use a shine up in the spring and if you plan to clean the inside, you should also plan to clean the outside, too!

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