3 Unique Spaces You Can Turn Your Loft Into

What do you use your loft for right now? If it serves no useful purpose other than to store your Christmas decorations and souvenirs from the past, that sounds like a waste – wouldn’t it be better to turn your life into something useful that you and your whole family can benefit from?

With housing being so expensive, many people are turning to their lofts to give them the extra space they need rather than moving to a new house, and if your loft is currently doing nothing at all, here are some great ideas of what you could do with it.

Games Room

If the idea of a real games room appeals, then why not make your dream come true by using your lost space? Touchstone Lofts can create the most wonderful bespoke loft conversion in Oxfordshire for your need, so make sure you speak to them about what it is you want out of the space you have. An expert will be able to give you the best plan regarding turning your loft space into something useful.

When it comes to a games room, you’ll need plenty of light and space, especially if you’re planning on having large items such as a pool table in the space. If you are planning on this kind of thing, you’ll also need to consider how to get these games up into the loft space, so access will also need to be a priority.

Master Suite

Yes, you could have a bedroom put in your loft space, and it would more than likely be a beautiful one, as long as you took your time, used experts, and had the budget to create it. However, as much as a bedroom would be wonderful, an entire master suite would be much better. In terms of adding value to your property, an entire master suite consisting of not just a bedroom but a bathroom and maybe even a dressing room or study area would do a lot more than a simple bedroom would do.

Even if you’re not planning on moving and you’re not converting your loft to make money, a master suite is going to give you the most comfort. It will give you a sanctuary all of your own, and it will free up space on the lower floors for everyone else.

Home Office

With so many people working from home, creating a unique office space in your loft could be ideal. The best and most productive homeworkers are the ones who can truly separate their personal life from their working one, and one way they do this is to entirely shut off their home office from the rest of the house; they don’t use a spare bedroom or the corner of a kitchen, but instead, they have a separate space. These spaces are often pods in the garden, but if you don’t want to take up precious outside space with an office or don’t have the room, your loft space could work perfectly.

By using your lost to create the ultimate home office, you will give yourself a comfortable space to work in where you can be entirely productive, and at the same time, when you’re done, you can walk away and shut the door and not have to think about work until the next day. It’s ideal.

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