Just been one of those weeks….

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you think “I can’t wait to get to the weekend”?

We’ve been 3 weeks without our car today and after the 3rd person to look at it, it now appears it’s going to cost a small fortune to get it repaired.

There goes some of the wedding budget!

Fingers crossed we get the car back this Wednesday at the latest as its becoming expensive getting to and from places that are simply too far to walk to.

To top this week off however I managed to come down with a virus of some sort which has cold symptoms and a sickness bug.

Then Ethan came down with a sickness bug towards the end of the week…

Now Daddy Vs Work has it.

It really has just been one of those weeks, now I’m keeping everything crossed that Kayleigh manages to keep away from it all.

Fingers crossed our week next week gets better!

Whilst all this is going on though, I’m having a bit of a writers block.

I type out a post then delete it thinking it’s just pants. Who want’s to read about sickness and car troubles? No-one really!

What I need to do is take a step back, recover and then come back to the blog.

Here’s to hoping I find the writing bug again as I have loved having a blog for the last few years and hoping to revive it this year.

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