The minefield of children’s parties!

Throwing a kids party lately has become a bit of parenting nightmare!

Over recent weeks we’ve seen stories of children being sent invoices for non attendance and then more recently than that we have seen Myleene Klass share an email regarding collections for birthday gifts.

Over the last few years we’ve hosted some and attending lots of parties at a variety of places from halls attached to social clubs to bowling parties, pizza parties and countless soft play parties.

Each one Kayleigh and Ethan have attended they have loved going to it, no matter where it was held.

I get where the mum is coming from with regards to the no show at the party but unfortunately that is just part of hosting a kids party! This year Kayleigh had no RSVP from a couple of friends plus 2 that said they would be turning up but never did.

It’s not nice and to be honest I find it worse not to even RSVP (for weddings to!). I just think it’s rude but I’ve come to expect it when it comes to parties now I’m afraid.

There is no way I would ever bill anyone for not showing up, it’s the poor child I feel for as they miss out on fun times with their friends for one reason or another.

Raising Kayleigh and Ethan we have taught them that they are very lucky to receive gifts that they do from family and friends. They are taught to be grateful for the cards that they receive from their friends attending their parties and if they are lucky enough to receive a gift then they are super lucky. They are most certainly never told to expect anything.

The thought though of someone sending me an email telling me they are doing a collection blah blah and all those that contribute would be put into the card, but of course don’t feel inclined to take part if you don’t want to but you possibly really want to as you’d be one of the few that don’t!

I just find it all a bit surreal that people would even send a mass message regarding presents! Though not sure publishing it across social media was the best thing to do.

It seems that children’s parties are become more and more of a competition not only with the party itself but the gifts too.

What’s your thoughts?

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