Karndean Vinyl Edges Past Carpet in Satisfaction

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Carpets within the home provide a multitude of problematic instances when wear and tear, stains and fading are concerned.

There are however alternatives to give your home the same levels of comfort and warmth without the threat of damage or constant replacement. People today now prefer to spend out on luxury vinyl flooring such as Karndean click vinyl flooring.

Upon examination, it is not hard to discover why.

Easy to clean

Carpets are susceptible to many hazardous instances ranging from food stains, spilt drinks and mud trampled through the house after a rainy day. From both kids and pets, a carpet is going to require a lot of cleaning where you are going to be on your hands and knees scrubbing away at sections of the floor trying to avoid discolouration.

With vinyl flooring, you are provided with an anti-stain design that requires simple warm soapy water and a regular household sponge/mop across the area leaving no discolouration. Think how much you are saving on both your knees and cleaning products alone.


One of the benefits of having a carpet in your home is the retention of warmth in the winter months and the soft comfortable feel underfoot.

If this is among the main selling points people choose carpet, then vinyl such as Karndean Da Vinci range offers the same qualities but with even more. Vinyl has a cushioned feel which not only is soft to step on but also protects against any breakable material that may drop to the floor.

Vinyl is considered the perfect companion to underfloor heating so your room can retain warmth without leaving the room feeling stuffy.

Reduce on Materials

Having a carpet laid throughout a room can leave sections in need of being cut and disposed of.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring presents an opportunity to have the requirements cut to a specific size to ensure no waste in material and effort in cutting around to make it fit. Disposal of any unwanted or damaged area is an easy and economic exercise where the individual pieces can be cut easily for disposal.

Karndean Vinyl


Maintaining the quality of vinyl flooring is very simple compared to carpet. Where a carpet can fade and present two different tones from sunlight or a rug over the floor, vinyl retains it’s out of the box quality by a simple vacuum and an occasional mop. Animal hair will not stay on a vinyl floor like it does a carpet, and you can be sure that a cat will not be scratching up your floor either.

Karndean click vinyl flooring is an option that does not require as much attention as a carpet, giving more time to relax and enjoy your home even further.

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