Why is Reading so Important for Children?

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Reading is a vital part of a child’s education and something that they learn to do from a very young age. Even reading stories to your child when they’re very little is great for their overall development in a variety of ways. I have teamed up with a pre-prep school in London to explore the important of reading in further detail below.

  • Expands Vocabulary: The more children are exposed to different words and sounds, the more substantial their vocabulary becomes, which helps them become better communicators. They will also become more familiar with the way in which words are spelt and how to use grammar appropriately.
  • Improves Concentration: Reading requires the ability to focus, which is something children need to learn how to do before they start school where they will be asked to concentrate in every lesson.
  • Increases General Knowledge: When children read, they learn about different events throughout history, various cultural traditions, and a range of other topics. Try and expose your child to a variety of genres so that they have an opportunity to develop their general knowledge.
  • Stimulates Curiosity: Reading helps spark the imagination and allows children to be inquisitive. When children are curious, they tend to ask lots of questions, which gives them a chance to learn about the world around them.
  • Increase Empathy: Books tend to explore the inner lives of the characters, which are often complicated and not without challenges. This can help children with their ability to empathise with others.
  • Promotes Bonding: By reading to your child when you’re little, you have the chance to spend some special, quality time together, helping to build your relationship.

Try and integrate reading in your child’s everyday life. Ask them to read signs, shopping lists or letters, as well as reading bedtime stories with them. The more you expose them to reading when they’re young, the more comfortable they will feel when they have read at school. It’s a skill they will carry through their lives, and they may even enjoy reading as a source of entertainment and a way to reduce stress when they get a little older.

Take a trip to the library and encourage them to pick out their own choices of books. Libraries often offer story time and other activities for parents and young children to attend, which could be a chance for them to make some friends.

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