Kayleigh’s Quirky Fashion Sense

Now I know every child is individual and Kayleigh is no different. I think Kayleigh is going to be a trend setter growing up not a trend follower.

Even at 3 years old she love’s to pick what she’s wearing and is always customizing her outfits with her wide range of accessories, it is likely that she has more jewellery & accessories than I do!

The only thing with her being a trend setter is her latest trend, wellies, sunglasses and a wooly hat! Including whilst being in doors 🙂 (you may remember this picture for the Saturday Caption Day picture)

But the thing is I love watching her be creative with her style and play. I’m not a trend setter or follower, I just go for jeans and a comfy top, no fashion sense here! So its great watching Kayleigh develop everyday, she’s turning into miss independent too so would rather pick her outfit than let you pick it and she has to get herself dressed, you can’t help her do it.

Here are a few more from the Kayleigh fashion guide :

It’s safe to say, she know’s what she wants and that’s good. I’m glad she is showing her personality and as long as it doesn’t cause any trouble with school or learning and she is well-behaved I’ll leave her to be creative. She may be my baby but she’s growing into a little girl and I want her to enjoy growing up and being herself 🙂

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