The Fairy Hobmother

If your a blogger the chances are you’ve heard of The Fairy Hobmother, if you haven’t or your a non-blogger your probably wondering what the hell i’m talking about!

The fantastic online appliance store Appliances online have a Fairy Hobmother and she goes round from blog to blog granting those bloggers a little gift for all their hard work in the blogosphere. She visited the lovely Jam and Clotted Cream blog not too long ago and it was there she noticed my comment following me back to my blog here to grant my wish.


Appliances online sell all appliances at fantastic prices from cookers, dishwashers & even cooker hoods like this Baumatic BT6.3GL. Their customer service is second to none with free UK advice and order line. They also have a great facebook page where the run competitions, live stream a show on a Friday and most importantly have the Elmo show! So if you’ve not seen this yet you need to head to their Facebook page to watch this on Friday, they also seem to give lots of goodies away to their fans, including towel bales, mine must have got lost in the post as i’ve not received mine yet 😉

So the e-mail that arrived in my mail box this afternoon was to let me know I was being treated to a £20 Amazon voucher which I am very grateful for, now I just need to decide whether to treat me or the kids!

So if you want to be in with a chance of The Fairy Hobmother visiting you then all you have to do is leave a comment with your wish on this post 🙂 Who know’s where she may sprinkle her fairy dust next!

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