Keeping Your Tummy Tuck Results

You are seriously considering a tummy tuck. You have tried every other solution you can think of to sculpt your midsection. You have bought exercise equipment. You have looked up exercises that target the abdomen. You go to the gym every day. You have a balanced, healthy diet that keeps your calories right where they should be. Your weight isn’t a problem. It’s stubborn fat, loose skin around your midsection, and abdominal muscles that won’t tighten up to give you that flat, trim tummy that will make you happy.

Before you go through a serious surgery, you need to know how you can get the best out of your tummy tuck.

Making Your Tummy Tuck Last

 If you want your tummy tuck to last, the best thing that you can do is dedicate yourself to maintaining your results. You will need to continue to exercise on a regular basis to keep your body fit. Be sure to focus on exercises that will tone your tummy. Change up your routine by alternating between strength exercises and cardio exercises. Your body will get used to doing the same thing all the time and you may not be as happy with your results. Live an active lifestyle that includes walks, hikes, and bike rides.

Be willing to try new things that will get your body moving. Park far away from your destination so that you need to walk. Take the stairs. If you work an office job, be sure to get up and move around every half hour or so. You can even consider a standing desk to discourage yourself from sitting to often. In addition to being active, continue to watch your diet. Go heavy on the fresh produce and lean protein. Choose wisely when it comes to dairy products, making sure that they are low in fat. Watch for healthy sources of fat that come from nuts, avocados, and fish. Commit yourself to getting the recommended amount of sleep every night. This will help you to stave off cravings and maintain high levels of energy. Drink plenty of water. When you make all of these lifestyle changes a part of your daily regimen, you will look and feel your best. Your tummy tuck will continue to look great as well.

What About Getting Pregnant After a Tummy Tuck?

 If you become pregnant after a tummy tuck, you need to accept that your body is going to go through changes again. You may find yourself back to square one and need another tummy tuck to get back to your pre-baby body. You can do your part by staying active and eating wisely while you are expecting. This will help you to keep your weight gain to a minimum while continuing to be healthy as you take care of your body for the sake of your baby.

After you have had your little one, gradually get back into your regular routine to trim your figure once again. You may find that you are able to get your body to snap back to the way it was because of the commitment you made to take care of yourself while you were pregnant. If you are not happy with your results that you get on your own, you may need to see your plastic surgeon again. Liposuction and CoolSculpting are other options that may be enough to get your tummy back to where you want it to be. 

What About the Effects of Aging? 

As you get older, your skin is going to lose its elasticity and firmness. Collagen and Elastin production drops. You are likely to see wrinkles or more loose skin on different parts of your body. You may have sagging skin around your midsection again. You can try different skin care products to use on a daily basis to make sure your skin continues to be supple and tight. If it gets to a point that skin care products are no longer effective, you can talk to your plastic surgeon to see what you can do about loose skin that is hanging around your midsection.

What if You Gain Weight?

If you gain weight, you are going to cancel out the effects of your tummy tuck. A good diet and exercise plan can get you back to your ideal weight, but you may still have issues with resistant fat and sagging skin. This may mean another tummy tuck in your future if you want to trim down your figure.

Be Aware of Changes that Take Place Over Time

Pay attention to your body. As you get older, what used to work may not work anymore. For women who are heading toward the stage of menopause, weight gain is possible even when they continue to make the same good choices that have always worked before. You may need to change your eating habits. Consider eating several small meals every day instead of three larger meals. Try reducing your carbohydrates and adding more produce to your diet. You may need to exercise more than you do now, adding another half hour to your physical activity.

By being aware of what is happening to your body, you can avoid weight gain that will cancel out the results of your tummy tuck. If you are going to make this investment in yourself an undergo surgery, you want to be happy with the long-term outcome. 

If you are ready to rise to the challenge of making your tummy tuck last, it’s time to speak to an expert to get the results you want. Set up your consultation with Dr. Robert Tornambe, MD to learn more about a tummy tuck procedure and what it will mean for you. As one of the best in his field and ranked by the Consumers’ Research Council of America as one of the top plastic surgeons, he will give you peace of mind.

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