Life’s getting a bit hectic!

So you may have noticed the blog posts have slowed down of late, that is down to a few things.

Firstly the whole household has been poorly. I’ve been very poorly starting with a migraine, then the tooth ache (infection where my wisdom tooth was coming through) then I went on to catch a really bad cold, which one week on is still lingering.

Of course being taught to share as I grew up the whole house now has a cold!

Then there is work, I mean you know how much I love work at the best of times but at the minute it is just manic! We’ve got year-end and a new system coming in so this week I’ve been in meetings and training (whilst feeling like running home to hide under the duvet!) but I’ve pushed on. There is no way I’ll be ready by the year-end but never mind. I’m a bit like a duck, calm on the surface, paddling desperately under the water!

If that wasn’t enough i’ve then got Kayleigh’s birthday this weekend, she turns 3! My little baby is all grown up 🙂 so I’ve been organising that for her 🙂

So that is why my blog has been a bit quiet lately, I am still around, paddling desperately, trying not to sink! So stick with me i shall return!

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