Time goes too quick!

In 4 days I will have a 3-year-old, yep i said a 3-year-old! This is quiet possibly the quickest 3 years I can remember.

I remember the majority of the key dates with Kayleigh’s pregnancy, I can also remember counting down to my due date and then going over waiting for her to arrive.

The mind is a funny thing really, some days I can’t remember what I did last week but with both my pregnancies I can remember key points.

The day I went into labour with Kayleigh was a Wednesday, I had seen the midwife in the morning and she said it wouldn’t be long, I ran up 3 flights of stairs in the car park to try get things started and nothing happened. It started that afternoon and continued into the next day until she was born.

In a way its sad she’s growing up, I miss my little baby girl but at the same time I am loving what she’s becoming and how well she is developing into a little lady.

So roll on the 23rd when the Peppa Pig cake will be out with the balloons and my little madam turns 3 – it will be a proud day but a sad day at the same time!

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