Making plans to take your business to the next level

Making plans to take your business to the next level

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2019 has been a year where I have just plodded along with life and blog, I am a bit tough on myself as we have a pretty up and down year. This has meant the blog has taken a back seat this year.

I think sometimes I have forgotten that my blog is a business. It was never the starting intention to make it a business, it has just become this over the last few years.

With this in mind and the back of 2019 almost here, I have started to plan a business plan on what my approach is going to be 2020. One thing I am looking to do in the new year is to start diversifying my income, at the moment it all comes from this blog.

Here are some of my steps to a successful 2020:

  1. Focus – The main thing I have missed this year on the blog is a focus. Too many times I have jumped from one thing to the next without any real ideas or plans in place, I really need to nail this down in the new year.
  2. Business plan – Not something I have ever done, however again, as I want to move forward with the blog I need to start planning. It needs to contain my short and long term goals, plus how I am going to get there!
  3. Time – I have not focused enough time to help my blog grow this year, with a new focus and plan in place I need to ensure I have time to work on these.
  4. Promotion – Over time I thought I would be more comfortable promoting my blog but I still am not. I need to work on how I promote the blog and where targeting people who actually read it. There is a whole host of ways that brands advertise now, from social influencers. advertising signs, online adverts and social media. The list is endless. What I need to do is focus on the target audience of the blog and work from there.

It feels like a lot of planning is due, however, I know in the long run it can pay back so much more. The long term goal would be working from home on a variety of options, I just need to get to that point first!

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