Celebrating those moments you #crackedit with Pati & Coco

Celebrating those moments you #crackedit with Pati & Coco

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Sometimes, by the time you reach the end of the day, you just want to celebrate getting through it. The new desserts from Pati & Coco are the perfect way to achieve that!

Regardless of whether you have achieved everything on your to-do list or just survived getting to the end of a tough day, everyone deserves a little treat and I was kindly sent some of the new Pati & Coco desserts to try out over the last week.

Celebrating those moments you #crackedit with Pati & Coco

We are so often told that we should limit treats, cut out sugar, yadda yadda yadda but sometimes there is just a time where you want to have that indulgent treat to end of a meal or your day. If you are like me, you’ll even have them at lunch, especially after a tough morning in the office.

These desserts from Pati & Coco combine the worlds of a French patisserie with the finest Belgian chocolate ganache, making it the first chilled dessert to feature a signature “crack” of smooth, tempered dark chocolate on the top. Sitting below this is layers of ganache and then a crunchy base at the bottom.

The range comes in a choice of the following flavours:

  • Praline & Choc
  • Ganache & Choc
  • Caramel & Choc
  • Pistachio & Choc
Celebrating those moments you #crackedit with Pati & Coco

I have been trying out all 4 flavours in the range and I have to say I’d happily eat any of them!  Each one I found was a real indulgent treat, with a slight change to the flavouring depending on the one you were enjoying. Each one has my favourite layer though, the crunchy biscuit base, it just seems to cut through the layers of chocolate perfectly.

Celebrating those moments you #crackedit with Pati & Coco

They are indulgent, however, everyone deserves a treat. What is the point in life, if you don’t treat yourself when you fancy it? I always have a dessert after dinner at our house and I have found these desserts are the perfect end to any meal. These are currently available in Sainsbury’s and sold in packs of 2. I can see them being quite popular over Christmas too, they would be perfect desserts after a big Christmas meal with all the trimmings.

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