Mary Berry’s Malted chocolate cake

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If you are like me, Christmas is a time to indulge in some really yummy food and this chocolate cake we have for you is just perfect. With minimal fuss and effort to make, it is a real treat for you all.

This malted chocolate cake recipe is from the queen of baking herself, Mary Berry and is sure to be a big hit with the whole family. Now, if you know about food, you know that any cake Mary Berry has made is going to be delicious and this malted chocolate cake is no different. It is packed full of that gorgeous sweet chocolaty flavour and is the perfect comfort food.

Mary Berry - malted chocolate cake

It looks amazing right?

Now if you want to get straight into the kitchen and baking, here is the recipe for this malted chocolate cake.

Mary Berry’s Malted chocolate cake

If you are planning to make this recipe but don’t have Maltesers, why not swap them out for another kind of treat such as chocolate buttons or maybe chocolate chunks. At this time of the year we all seem to have lots of chocolate in the house.

Tips for making this stress free chocolate cake

Prepare ahead:
The filling will remain soft and ready to use in a bowl covered with cling film for 2–3 days. The finished cake can be kept in an airtight container for up to a day.

Freeze the cake and icing separately, then defrost at room temperature and assemble when ready to serve

This malted chocolate cake is just one of a few recipes we have over on the blog. If you are still looking for some inspiration for sweet treats, why not check out the sweet section on our blog. I am also a big fan of Pinterest so you are sure to find some of the best recipes on our boards here.

This recipe is extracted from Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites by Mary Berry (BBC Books, hardback £25).

Mary Berry's Malted chocolate cake recipe

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