Michel Roux – Roast Gilt-Head Bream with Citrus Fruit Vinaigrette

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If you are looking for something yummy to serve up this Christmas but something a little different then maybe this dish is perfect for you.

This recipe comes from the book Cooking With The Masterchef by Michel Roux, I am a big fan of his cooking style and this sounds delicious. If you are not comfortable filleting and gutting the fish just ask your local fishmonger to do this for you.

If you do give this a go let us know how you get on.

Michel Roux

Recipes from COOKING WITH THE MASTERCHEF by Michel Roux.

All titles are published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson. Photography © Cristian Barnett.

You can see Michel cooking live this Autumn at BBC Good Food Shows http://www.bbcgoodfoodshow.com/

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