Is matched betting a scam or a money maker?

I have been debating about writing this for a while however since I have been posting about ways to make and save money I think it was only fair to discuss this topic on matched betting.

Now firstly if I say to you matched betting, you will say one of a few things:

  1. It’s gambling
  2. It’s a scam
  3. It doesn’t work

Before I tell you my opinion on the whole scheme of matched betting, it is worth noting this is just my personal experience and how I have found it. As with all our suggestions on the site, each one we suggest you evaluate as to whether they will work for you or are worth the effort to put in for the rewards.

So I came across the whole matched betting theory last year and after getting back from Lanzarote I discussed with Daddy Vs Work giving it a try. I was curious as to whether it was really a money-maker or if it was just a scam, lets face it everyone works hard for their money and no one wants to part with it for no reason.

I decided to sign up to the Profit Accumulator as they offered a free trial for the first 2 bets before you sign up to anything, this meant that I could watch the video’s on how to place the bets and how they work, then run through the first two offers to see how I got on.

To begin with I was still really dubious and we didn’t have a lot of money to start with, my pot was small compared to other at just £130 however it was all we had that I classed as “spare” cash should it all be a scam or go horribly wrong!

The first two bets were placed and I had made a profit to begin with however I won’t lie, I was still a little dubious to its long-term plans to payout but I decided to sign up to the monthly subscription to Profit Accumulator and see how I went. This way I didn’t have to part with lots of money to begin with and if I wanted to cancel I could do so (I have now signed up for annual subscription as it works out cheaper than monthly).

Profit Accumulator site is set up into sections such as beginner offers, advanced offers and so on. For the first month I really focused on just working through the beginner’s offers and after that I moved on to some of the advanced offers and reloads.

I don’t have lots of spare hours a day and there has been some months that I haven’t done any, I think it total I have had 4 months where I have been able to focus on it however since I started I have now made over £2000. Not to be sniffed at really, especially as it is tax-free.

There has been lots of learning curves along the way and I probably still have a lot to learn however here are my top tips for those who are considering giving matched betting a go:

  1. It’s not a quick, get rich scheme – You will have to work your way through offers and spend time working through them to make the profit but it is there to get.
  2. Slow and steady wins the race – Unless you have done this in the past don’t go steam rolling in, take it slow and steady. If you miss an offer or you make an error, take a little time out to work our what went wrong and then approach the next offer.
  3. Don’t compare your earnings to others – The first thing I used to do was look at others and wonder how they make £1000+ in their first month and I only made £400 for example. It made me question where I was going wrong. Then I realised that maybe it was down to the pot that had invested (more than I could) or down to the hours they had available. Everyone’s situation is different so don’t compare yourself.
  4. Don’t gamble to chase the bigger wins – Matched betting isn’t about gambling, we make calculated bets to bet/lay to then get our free bets. Don’t get tempted to stray from the offer in aim of a bigger win, it’s a slippery slope to be going down.

So that is my thoughts on matched betting and how I have found it. Like I said at the beginning, it is a personal choice on whether you attempt this, I just hope my post has given you a bit of an insight into it.

If you have decided you’d like to give it a go, I would suggest trying it out with the free trial of Profit Accumulator in which they walk you through the first 2 bets, then you can either continue from there or walk away knowing it’s not for you.

If however you do give it a go, come back and let me know how you found it and how you are getting on, I’d love to know more about how you get on!

Is matched betting a scam or a money maker?



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