Can you have your dream wedding on a budget?

Wedding season is here and even though we got married last year I still love reading all about weddings and the latest trends.

However if you are getting married and are on a tight budget, how do you go about having your dream day without missing out on the bits you really want?

Firstly don’t panic, I can promise you that at the end of the day you won’t care about the little things such as do the colours of the table gems match the runners (yes it is something I worried about in the height of my bridezilla moments!)

Paula & Phill, Barns Hotel Bedford Wedding, Jay Emme Photography
Paula & Phill, Barns Hotel Bedford Wedding, Jay Emme Photography

So the budget is tight but you want a whole list of magical bits you’ve already dreamed of, where do you start?

Firstly list everything out that you want for your wedding, from start to finish including the dream venue, dress, photographer etc. Then you need to list out your priority as to what will make you day special.

For our wedding we went for venue, photographer and dress and so on. Then comes the budget…

There is no ideal budget for a wedding and the costs have been going up every year. However only go with what you can comfortably afford but there are lots of ways to make up extra pennies or save a few pounds on your big day:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or offers. Most companies will have an offer running throughout the year however if not why not ask your venue for example if they have any offers on your package or maybe a free upgrade to your room on your wedding night.
  2. Consider DIY or 2nd hand for bits of your wedding, there’s no shame in that! Our centerpieces were a mixture of EBay glasses, Ikea candles and Dunelm mirror plates however to decorate all our tables came in less than £30. Our cake was made by my mother in law which saved us at least £500 and I hand-made all our wedding invites, again saving us lots of money. Look around too for some great save the date cards, you may even pick up some good offers along the way.
  3. If you have monthly cash to pay for the wedding but are struggling to pay for the large deposits up front maybe consider a wedding loan to pay for these however make sure you set up the direct debit to pay this monthly and take it for the shortest term and interest possible. This will allow you to pay the venue deposits etc. without as much stress knowing that the monthly payments are allowing paying off the wedding. In most cases as you have to book in advance you will probably have finished your loan payments before your big day so can go into married life without that debt!

My top tip over everything though?

Paula & Phill, Barns Hotel Bedford Wedding, Jay Emme Photography
Paula & Phill, Barns Hotel Bedford Wedding, Jay Emme Photography

It is your wedding day, just make sure remember that in the whole planning stage. Do what you want and what you love and make sure the day is about you and your partner J

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