Meal Planning Monday – 08/02/2016

I started joining in with Meal  Planning Monday last week and although I had good intentions the week was a bit of a write off!

Both Daddy Vs Work and I have been really under the weather with cold/virus which has put our eating on the back burner so some nights I didn’t even cook us dinner and other nights it was a late takeaway when we both got hungry. The only people still eating properly are the kids!

With us both on the mend, its time to get back on the meal planning and getting a bit more organised.

So here is our weeks plan :

Monday –  Fish (likely to be haddock) with new potatoes and green beans

Tuesday – Pancakes!

Wednesday – Taco boats

Thursday – Chicken Wraps

Friday – Treat night, we have a takeaway and movie with the kids

Saturday – Out for dinner at friends

Sunday – Tuna pasta bake

Here’s to hoping this week is a bit more successful with our meal planning!

Over the coming weeks I am planning to experiment a bit more with our slow cooker and try to let it do more of the hard work for me. I am also hoping to share some of our family recipes with you as we go along too as I would love to help inspire someone’s meal that week and likewise I will be reading the rest of the linked up posts for some inspiration.

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