Metallic foil business cards from Aura Print

Metallic foil business cards from Aura Print

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Now things are starting to return to a little more normality, blogging events are starting to appear back on the schedule and I am now prepared to go thanks to these metallic foil business cards from Aura Print.

Heading to these events is a little outside my comfort zone, you need to be confident in your approach. When it comes to press events, you need to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression as there are some pretty amazing bloggers out there. These printed business cards are the perfect way to leave that impression. It is also a great way to build contacts both in and around the blogging world, ensuring they are able to get hold of you for potential collaborations and events. After all, you spend so long working on your branding and building your exposure, you need to make the most of it!

Metallic foil business cards from Aura Print - Review

Aura Print have a wide range of business cards on their site to pick from and a whole host of options that include:

  • Style – You can pick design features such as landscape, portrait, double-sided, single-sided, and die-cut. Each style changes the impact your card can have and can work for your brand differently. Having a little think about the design impact you are trying to make before you start will help you narrow down your choices, otherwise, you will spend ages trying to narrow it down as they all look great.
  • Material – This includes the paper type you would like, such as silk, recycled, and coated. It also includes the option for magnetic, which I think would just make you stand out from the crowd. This is a great way to make sure your blog or brand is well remembered. The material picked will also affect the thickness options on the card design you pick.
  • Finish – To finish the design, you can pick options such as waterproof, plastic, and painted edge to name a few. It is just another great way to personalise your cards and make them a little more unique to you and your blog or brand.
  • Design – There is a couple of options when it comes to the design feature. You can either provide them with the design you want to use or you can ask them to design them for you. It depends on whether you know what you are looking for or after a little inspiration.

For my business cards Aura worked on the design and layout for me and I love my metallic foil business cards! The design itself is clean and simple but the rose gold adds a whole new level to the design and when they catch the light they have a little glimmer to them. The cards themselves are double-sided and very thick which means they will stand the test of time when added to my bag or passed to a contact. I found the whole start-to-end process really simple, with the communication from Aura Print really good.

Metallic foil business cards from Aura Print - Review Metallic foil business cards from Aura Print - Review

Once I had answered a few questions on the plan for my cards and key points, my designer went away to work on the design and then came back to me with a few options to pick from. At this point, I just had to check that all my contact details were correct and the design was then sent to print.

It is not just business cards you can get from Aura Print though, they do a wide range of other great products such as wedding stationery, certificates, and banners. They pretty much have every option covered for your business and personal printing needs.  I would highly recommend the metallic foil business cards though if you are looking to make an impact with your blog or business.

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