My COVID-19 lockdown silver linings

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We are in week 8 (I think) of the COVID-19 lockdown and although we are starting to see some lift in those restrictions (don’t start on that…) most of the UK is still living a very different life with the current pandemic going on.

I was tagged by the lovely Eva at Captain Bobcat to share my silver linings that have come up from the current situations, a way to look at the positives from a very strange situation.

Family time

I know it is not easy being under each other’s feet all the time, however, I am very grateful for some time as a family. We obviously haven’t done much but when we are at school/work we just seem to go into a routine of one thing after another then rinse and repeat into the next week.

Whilst we have been off we have been baking, gardening, learning and so much more. We’ve laughed during family quiz times, we’ve been silly, we’ve just enjoyed some time together. Of course, it has not been all fun and games, there have been some battles along the way, some strops and falling out over schoolwork. It has however made me appreciate the little things a little more.


We have been back in the kitchen and have been busy baking away. Together we have learnt how to bake rolls and flapjacks, we’ve also made our Madeira cake and cookies too. Over the last few weeks, we have been lacking a little motivation in the kitchen so I am looking forward to getting back into it with the kids again over the coming weeks. We have a few things on our list this week to make and I can’t wait!

An easy fairy cake recipe that is ready in under 20 minutes!

Our home

Being in our house a lot lately has made me realise how much I appreciate the home we have. It’s not the biggest, but it is ours, it is warm, it is dry and it is currently keeping us protected.

It has also given me a list of things I need to get through on things I would like done to the house. Most of them are outside, to be honest, I am looking forward to tackling the garden over the coming months! It is our quiet space, especially whilst there are no flights! We’ve had our gorgeous new garden furniture delivered that I have wanted for about 3 years and now I am looking at maybe getting us a hammock, there are lots to choose from in this Hammock store online, the problem is picking just one!

My COVID-19 lockdown silver linings


This is a bit of a strange one, I’ve done so many hours work over the last few months and some days have blurred into one yet I’ve found a bit of me-time. I have taken to working out again and even read a few books. Most nights I have a late-night and early start, however, in a weird way I’ve found a bit of a routine. I’m very grateful for finding that me-time too, it has given me time to switch off and restart for the next challenge.

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