My Likes & Loves: August 2018

My Likes & Loves: August 2018

Just like that August has flown by and now we are on the way towards my favourite time of the year. It really is a case this year if you blink you miss it as the time is just flying past, its actually scary!

August was a month where we didn’t seem to do much but at the same time didn’t have much spare time. We just plodded through the month enjoying the summer holidays and time as a family together.

Summer holidays

We had a lovely summer break and worked our way through our summer bucket list (more on that later in the week!) which was good fun. Our routines went out of the window and there were some days where the kids just wanted a PJ day which was fine with me.

Over the summer we didn’t manage to get away but we did enjoy a trip to Ashridge and the park plus the kids spent a lot of time in the garden burning off some of their excess energy. I think now though they are very happy to be back into the school routine as towards the end of the break I think they missed having that routine.

Football is back

We are a household of football fans and the new season kicking off is very much welcomed here! I follow my team on the radio and keep up with the local news but last season Ethan had asked to go to a game which I promised I would take him to. However I never actually got round to booking it and before I did the game sold out as we were promoted that season.

Not making the same mistake again though I promised to book the first home game of the season and I managed to get tickets this time before the game sold out as Sunderland were coming to town. It ended 1-1 however Ethan loved every minute of it and has asked to go back again.

My Likes and Loves: August 2018

Getting outdoors

Early on in the summer I was very lucky to win a trampoline in a twitter party that Danielle from Blog by Baby was hosting. It arrived just after the heatwave passed making it the perfect holiday toy. The kids have spent hours out there playing on it and giggling away.

My Likes and Loves: August 2018

It may take up a huge chunk of our garden but it was well worth it!

On our trip to Ashridge we let the kids lead the way in the exploration and they loved getting deeper into the woods as they searched for the perfect climbing tree. They loved every minute of being outdoors and before we knew it hours had flown by, we all slept well that night.

My Likes and Loves: August 2018


During the holidays the kids have been in the kitchen baking with me. It has been a month of cookies, brownies and fairy cakes for us! We used our simple chocolate chip cookies recipe which is always a big hit.

My Likes and Loves: August 2018

The kids also helped me make some delicious cherry brownies which you can find the recipe for this here.

With just a few months till Christmas and a busy period coming up I’m excited to see what September has in store for us!

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