Nothing makes you prouder than being a parent

Everyone is proud of themselves for something they have achieved in life, be it a qualification, being the best they can be at a sport or just buying your first house or car.

Nothing however compares to the proudness you feel when you become a parent.

From the moment they are born you are proud of the small milestones they reach, becoming fiercely protective of them as they grow and encouraging them every step of the way. Then something happens and you can just feel this overwhelming sense of pride and the little sting of tears in your eyes which you cant help.

I can’t even explain it.

You just can’t believe how lucky you are to have these amazing little people and be able to call them yours.Kayleigh & Ethan

Both Kayleigh and Ethan love school and they are progressing so well.

Kayleigh is moving up through the reading levels at super speed, it seems that just after Christmas someone has turned the light on when it comes to learning to read and now she is progressing so much more. She love’s school though and has learn’t so much in her year and a half there.

It’s not just the classroom learning that she has excelled at but she has also taking part in a school sport festival for all the local schools.  She loved going out on the mini bus to take part, think getting the morning out of school might have helped!

All of this however was topped on last week when she came home from school with a letter, telling us she has massive potential in tennis and inviting her for a 5 week trial at the local tennis academy.

When Daddy Vs Work called to let me know I thought I was going to sit at work and cry I was so proud. Even if after 5 weeks it doesn’t come to anything, just the fact that someone has recognised she has progressed in something so much makes me super proud.

She has this amazing personality (which at times can be testing) but she’s a little quirky and most certainly knows her own mind.

Kayleigh & Ethan

Ethan finished his term with the special award for trying hard with his phonics, something we were all proud of, especially him.

Since he started in September he has been trying so hard with his school work. He makes sure his homework is always done as with his reading book. On top of this he likes to try and read words out when he see’s them.

Ethan is a problem solver, he loves computers and solving the mysteries that come on games.

He is a child that doesn’t want to give up. He also is a child that is a little on the stubborn side too but has this funny little laugh.

Not only that but he is a bit of an artist. He loves to get his drawing pad out and draw monsters and lots of other things. It seems to be his creative outlet.

Kayleigh & Ethan Kayleigh & Ethan Kayleigh & Ethan

Nothing in life can make you as proud as being a parent does.

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