Wish list for Lanzarote summer 2015

Wish list for Lanzarote summer 2015

So this summer we are heading back to Lanzarote for our 3rd consecutive year.

I can’t explain just what has made us fall in love with Lanzarote but stepping out of the airport it feels like we have arrived home (the hot version!).

This year we are heading out in August for the first time as we normally go in March/April but to combine the summer holidays and the fact I’m turning 30 and our belated honeymoon we are off for 10 nights of sunshine back at Sands Beach Resort. If you read the blog you will know we loved our time there and they are always so welcoming.

This year however is likely to be our last holiday for a few years as we are in need of an extension on the house and unfortunately that will blow the budget not allowing any spare pennies for a holiday.

With this in mind and it being such a special holiday for us I am making a bit of a “Lanzarote Wish List”. This includes my favourite places to eat and places I’d like to visit. Some we have done before but others are things we’ve not done but would like to do.

  1. Eat at Portabello’s – Without a doubt my one place to eat when we return is Portabello’s. We had Daddy Vs Work’s 30th here and various other times we have eaten here and it has been amazing! Nati the owner is so lovely and the staff really do look after you. If you are after suggestions, the house pate for starter is delicious as is the salmon in lemon sauce. Kayleigh and Ethan have declared this restaurant as the best pizza’s ever!  One place you wont want to miss eating at. Lanzarote
  2. Take a trip up the volcano – Its something I’ve said I always wanted to do since we first visited but something that has always been out of budget so a trip to the Timanfaya National Park  is on the wish list. I’d just like the kids to be able to get a bit closer to nature and I’d love to get my camera out for the spectacular views!
  3. Eat at a seafood restaurant – I always say when we go stay by the sea I want to eat in a seafood restaurant but I always back out of it. Not because I don’t like seafood I do but I’m fussy, I don’t like shellfish and I don’t like fish served with eyes that stare at you whilst you eat.  However this trip I’d like to take a trip to a seafood restaurant and the lovely Rosemary at Sands Beach recommended a place last time we went out, maybe this time she can come along and we can buy her that drink I’ve been promising for the last couple of years!
  4. Submarine Safari – If you’ve read our reviews and posts on Lanzarote before you will know we have done this before however that was 3 years ago and I think Kayleigh and Ethan would appreciate this so much more at this age. There is something magical about being under the water and watching the sea life in there own environment. If you are heading out to Lanzarote and want that one special trip I would highly suggest that you make it this one.Submarine Safari
  5. Head back to Rancho Texas – This is another place that was loved by everyone last time we visited. The park is well laid out which enabled everyone to get around and see things however its not feeling too big. The thing that made us fall in love with the park last time was the shows though, the kids where amazed by what we managed to see at these. From parrots on bicycle or getting up and close with the sea lions. The also have a pretty amazing water park onsite which is included in your price.

Rancho Texas

I asked everyone else what they wanted to do and it ranged from, going on a plane, sunbathing, building sand castles and playing in the lagoon.

One things for sure, we are all looking forward to heading to Sand’s Beach this summer!

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