One act of kindess leads to another – Thank you from Kayleigh

In just over a week Kayleigh will be holding a bake sale and raffle in aid of our Luton Foodbank and her school.

She asked me a few months back if she would be able to do something for the school and a local charity as she wanted to help people. Since then she has spent a lot of time planning the day and designing the posters for around the school. No matter how much she raises, half will be going to the Foodbank and the other half will be donated to the school for purchase of playground equipment such as skipping ropes and more balls, hula hoops etc.

Now although she has been busy planning, the raffle itself would not be going ahead if it wasn’t for these lovely brands and their generous donations (there is still more coming too so this list will be growing!). It is their kindness and support that is helping this become as big as it is:

Regardless of how much is made, we are incredibly proud of her doing something for other people. The world needs people with kinder hearts putting others before themselves, imagine what it would be like if everyone just did one act of kindness for someone else once in a while

One act of kindess leads to another - Thank you from Kayleigh

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