Our weekly meal plan – 27/05/19

Our weekly meal plan – 27/05/19

Good morning and welcome back to our latest meal plan. It is half term for us this week and it seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we had the last one, not that I am complaining.

This week it is all about getting ourselves organised and back on track. Our dinners have become lazy and back to convenience food lately and although it is nice at the time, it always comes back round to bite me with an upset tummy.

Our meal plan last week was not very successful, Ethan had a bit of an accident on Friday so we had a takeaway then and the next day as we were all exhausted. Not really an excuse, but to be honest at the time I really didn’t care! That pretty much just finished off a week where we had not been particularly great.

That was last week though, it is a new week and time for us to get back on track with it all. Here is what we are cooking this week:

Our meal plan –  27/05/19:

Monday –

Pukka pie & potatoes – I picked these up with my shopping this week so it is an easy dinner for us.

Tuesday –

Sundried tomato chicken & rice – This is an old recipe from Philadelphia cheese, chicken is stuffed with herby cheese and topped with sundried tomato paste before cooking. It is yummy!

Wednesday –

Tuna pasta bake – We will have the Pinch of Nom recipe and the kids the classic version.

Thursday –

Chicken dippers and chips – Since we have made these homemade ones in the past, there is no going back to the shop brought ones!

Friday –

Calzones – I have never made these but I am going to give them a try with the kids this week.

Saturday –

Keema curry – I love this as is so simple to make but packed full of delicious flavours.

Sunday –

Roast dinner – This will be dependent on what I order from shopping this week.

It is another week of meals that we are looking forward to but nothing too hard to actually make this week. Let’s just hope we actually get our meal planning back on track and stick to it. If you are still looking for inspiration head over to our other meal plans for ideas and recipes. You could also follow us on Pinterest too, we have lots of dinner ideas there.

Our weekly meal plan - 27th May 2019


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