Open Letter of Complaint to Littlewoods & HP

Dear Littlewoods & HP,

I am writing this letter to the both of you in one foul swoop as this way Littlewoods wont put me through to HP & then HP wont put me back to Littlewoods as it is getting me no where!

Firstly let me say how disappointed I am with both of your customer service departments.

My dad purchased a HP pc via my Littlewoods accounts at the back-end of August for a cost of £660. Now for that kind of money you would expect the machine to be at least half decent. However 3 months after the purchase date it developed a fault. The machine just would not boot up or run properly.

Our first port of call was to Littlewoods after sales team as this is where we purchased it from however we were told they could do nothing we would have to call HP (Read into that if your wish that Littlewoods were being paid so they could not be bothered if you wish).

With the hours my dad works it makes it hard for him to call HP during their opening hours so it waited until he could do so. He followed all the steps the “technician” asked him to do over a period of a few days to no avail. In the end they agreed to pick it up and repair it then to return it.

This happened, however at the time HP were told not to bother contacting my dad during the day as he would not be at home so either try his mobile and leave a message or drop him an email and he would pick it up when he gets time.

A few days later the PC is returned with no fault noted but the restored and updated the BIOS.

Next day….. unable to boot up.

So I ring littlewoods again who tell me I have to contact HP direct. At this same point HP had sent my dad an email to confirm he is happy with the work and if he didn’t reply in 2 days they would close the case…. were you having a laugh?!

Whilst on the phone to Littlewoods I am told that HP would need their technician to walk through the system and run some checks then go back to HP AGAIN for repairs, I decline and here is why:

  1. The pc has already run through these checks with HP help so if it didn’t resolve it then I’m not prepared to waste my time doing it again.
  2. I’m not going to send a 5 month old PC back for repairs a 2nd time in the space of 3 weeks.
  3. I’m also not prepared to pay for an independent pc repairers to look at the machine at my own cost as I’m unhappy with the service I have received so far.
  4. I’m fed up of calling you both up! Its costing me money in phone bills to get this resolved!

The Sale of Goods Act 1979 makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose and this item clearly does not meet that description. However HP have since replied to say that their warranty is just repair only and this relates to the Littlewoods sale, so what happens now?

For starters how would you like it if we stop paying for the machine until it is replaced and in a working state? Currently your happily taking our money whilst we have goods that do not work.

As a customer of Littlewoods for well over 8 years I can assure you this is the last time I will ever purchase anything from yourselves. Once my account has been cleared it will be closed.

I’ve also decided to share this experience on my blog for my 6000+ followers to read as I would hate for anyone to have to go through this all in the future! I’ve never experienced such an issue when purchasing from anywhere else.

If you feel you can offer a satisfactory answer please feel free to contact me at or the contact details I’ve shared on your complaint form.

One very dissatisfied customer

Paula Fazekas


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