Mummy Vs Work Charity of the Year

After everything that has gone on the last few months 2013 is a new year and this year I want to give something back.

Last year you may remember I did picnic in the park with my Made For Mum’s neighbourhood and raise money for my local hospice – Keech Hospice. It was so rewarding to be able to do something good and give something back.

However this year I’d like to raise even more money for a charity and help spread the word of the work they do.

This is where I need help.

With so many worthwhile charities it is hard to pick from, I’m torn between going for one well known for the work they do or one less well known and helping spread the word even more for them.

I am hoping towards the end of the summer to do a fundraiser however I will also through out the year share their events and fundraisers and information on the work they do monthly.

So this is where I need you!

Do you have a charity or a favourite charity which needs more fundraising and awareness? Why not share it with me either on here or on our Facebook page.

Then in March I’ll compile a short list of the ones I feel I can help the most and put it out to your vote on which one we should support before announcing it at the end of March!

If your a brand and can help out in anyway shape or form click the mail button at the top!

Lets make 2013 the best year yet on the blog by using it to give back to those that need a helping hand.

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