Operation Wedding Dress – Week 1

So we are another week down and another week closer to the wedding dress fitting. But the real question is how did I get on?


Diets and me just don’t mix.

Ask anyone that knows me and they will just laugh if you say to them I’m on a diet. It is a miracle if I last 2 days, I’ve tried everything from the juicing diet, 5:2 diet and even the special K diet but they just don’t suit me.

Now I could at this point say my body can’t cope, I’ve got this or that wrong with me blah blah blah…

But the simple truth is I love my food too much. If someone says to me you cant do that or you can’t eat that, I can assure that I will do it or eat it.

So I’ve taken a different approach this time, I’ve cut back things and replaced things with healthier options. Lunch at work this week is normally along the lines of carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, baby tomatoes. sliced ham and 2 ryvita and extra light laughing cow. This is topped off with a pack of special k crackers and a yoghurt.

I like the idea of picking at food rather than knowing I have just a salad for lunch and that is it. Evening meals are the same as the whole family but my plate is more vegetables than pasta/potatoes etc.

I don’t want to make my ideal weight loss a big issue for the children, I don’t miss out on the nice things and still eat our pizza on the movie night! It all about proportion.


Our treadmill has arrived and is in place and well used. Apart from Friday which is our family night  I have ran every day on the treadmill.

Not far or for long but a constistant  15 minutes at 5.5 mph which means I’m running just over 1.3 miles a day or 7.8 miles a week depending on how you look at it. This is then finished with a couple of sets of crunches and reverse crunches.

I wont lie, the run is far from easy. After a day at work it sometimes feels like I am running with concrete in my trainers, my legs just feel so heavy. However I remind myself I just need to make it to the 15 minute mark, keep going.

This week I want to start running that little bit further, push on a little bit more.


This week hasn’t been a bad week, I possibly could have been a bit stricter on the diet however I’m not going all out for now as long as I’m not binging away on sweets and fizzy drinks.

Also this week I lost 1lb! For me its more about the inches so I look forward to seeing if they come off in the next few weeks/

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