The Ordinary Moments #1 – Games Night

Last year we made a bit of a new family rule in our house.

Friday nights would be family nights, be it a film or games night, we would just enjoy each others company and enjoy a lazy takeaway dinner away from the gadgets and online world!

It took a while to get into the routine but now we all look forward to our Friday treat.

For Christmas, Santa brought the kids, even more, board games and we enjoyed playing them during our time of this year.

Once the kids got a bit bored, maybe Daddy Vs Work and I got a bit competitive on Jenga!

Games Night

As much as we love to play the kids enjoy it even more. The biggest hit in our household was the Monopoly Junior.

Both Kayleigh and Ethan got hold of the rules really quickly and it soon became competitive! I’ve lost count of how many times we have played this since Christmas day.

Games Night

Having loved Monopoly growing up I’m so pleased Kayleigh and Ethan loved the game and this picture below sums it all up, nothing better than winning money!

Games Night


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