Our week in one picture – 10/11/19

Our week in one picture – 10/11/19

It is a bit of a late one for our week in one picture, this week.

I did have some pictures I took this week however, I think you are all probably a bit fed up of seeing the building work. I’m fed up of painting, to be honest!

So, this weeks picture was taken tonight.

Ethan has got back into Fortnite this week as the new season kicked off recently. He is pretty good at it to be honest, in the top few most games and tonight he got his 2nd Victory Royale (basically the last man standing in 100 all vs all game). Considering both Daddy vs Work and I are gamers, it is no surprise he is a gamer. However, I think I have to say, he is so much better than us at games like Fortnite.

He has already decided when he is older he would like to stream, we have no problem with this as we both stream. Though he is aware of the possible dangers that can come with putting yourself on the internet and the fact that you can’t just suddenly become a big streamer without the need to work. He knows that he needs to still get a good education to support his dreams but we wouldn’t put him off pursuing it.

For now, though, he’s living in the Fortnite bubble, happy with his wins!

Our week in one picture - 10/11/19

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