Our weekly meal plan – 11/11/19

Good morning and welcome back to a bright and early meal plan.

Last week’s meal plan was a little all over the place, not helped by a couple of takeaways. This week we need to stick to it, not only for our health but also our budget! As much as I love a takeaway, it’s not only a drain on funds but I do feel a little sluggish after.

So, it is back to basics this week and hopefully, we can be a little better. We are still ploughing on with building work around work, plus I have lots of blog content to sort out this week. I have to say, I am looking forward to December when things can slow down a little.

For now though, time for this weeks meal plan.

Our meal plan –  11/11/19

Monday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – I have lots of veg in the fridge to use up in this so I can’t wait.

Tuesday –

Pork chops and mash – We didn’t have these last week so looking forward to these.

Wednesday –

Fishcakes & chips – The fishcakes last week we delicious.

Thursday –

Chicken Rogan – I love making this curry as it is not only delicious but I always end up with a portion to freeze.

Friday –

Pizza – We have some pizza’s in the freezer so this should be yummy.

Saturday –

Stir fry – I picked up some discounted pork a few weeks back and this will make the perfect stir fry.

Sunday –

Roast or stew – I am undecided at the minute so I will decide nearer the weekend.

A simple week to get us back on track!

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Our weekly meal plan - 11th November 2019


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