Our week in one picture – 12/05/19

Just like that and another week is over. Thankfully it was only a 4-day working week, thanks to the bank holiday however it still seemed to be ridiculously busy!

With us having an extra day at home this week we decided to do a little bit of baking for the week. Kayleigh and Ethan have always loved to be in the kitchen and we have baked things such as cookies and fairy cakes since they were little. As they have got older they have done more of the work and I just supervise as they are baking.

Kayleigh loves to be in the kitchen learning new skills and has helped to make dinner with me on a number of occasions. She has asked now if she can decide on dinner and cook it, something we are going to be doing together in the coming weeks.

Having them both in the kitchen can be stressful at times as we do not have a huge space, however, it does mean they are more willing to try things they have made. It also means that they are learning lots of valuable skills which in the coming years will help them. I am not an amazing cook but I can cook the basics, you have to start somewhere 🙂

Our week in one picture - 12th May 2019

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