The never-ending list when you own your own home


Owning our own home is an amazing achievement however when you own your own home, it isn’t always plain sailing though.

Going from a rented home to a home you own is a scary step for lots of people and it takes a lot of stress and tears to get to it sometimes. But, once you are in there, it seems like there is a never-ending list to work your way through.

Whether you buy a new build or an older house, over time you are going to need to do some work on the house. Sometimes it may come as a surprise and other times it can be part of a home improvement plans you had been working on.

For us though, this list seems to not stop!

We brought our house just over 11 years ago, since then it has seen 2 children come along, 1 new dog, 1 wedding plus 2 redundancies and a whole host of other bits and pieces. In that time, we have done a lot of work including new windows, our astroturf, taking walls down in the kitchen, new bathroom and other general work done.

However, we still have so much to do.

I’ve discussed the big building works we have coming up, however, alongside this, there is still lots of little projects to do around the home. They may not seem like much, but they start to add up not only in time but costs!

Here are our plans just for this summer:

  • Replace the skirting in the living room – We have skirting like this ogee skirting from skirtingsrus in our living room however it has taken a bit of a battering from some pictures that the kids keep knocking off the wall. There is a section about 2 meter’s long with dents and chunks missing so it needs completely replacing there.
  • Repair the roof – There is a little section of the roof which has come away. So far it has not caused any damage, but it needs fixing before it does!
  • Repaint the fencing and handrail – The outdoor needs another coat to bring it back up to date a little, it is looking a little tired.

These are just a few plans, along with creating 3 new bedrooms, installing a skylight and everything else that comes with this!

I fear we are going to be very busy for a few months getting these all completed, it just is a never-ending cycle.

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